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During the months of May and June, we are offering all IN-STOCK helmets at the following prices (all prices below are before tax):
Cascade CS-R Retail Price: $139.99 --------------------------> SALE PRICE: $105
Cascade CPV-R Retail Price: $139.99-------------------------> SALE PRICE: $105
Cascade CPX-R Retail Price: $199.99-------------------------> SALE PRICE: $150
Cascade R Retail Price: $249.99---------------------------------> SALE PRICE: $200
Custom Cascade R (Granite Bay HS): Retail Value: $315.99------> SALE PRICE: $250 
Helmets are first come, first serve and will not be placed "on hold".  Payment by phone in advance is fine as long as the helmet is picked up within 72 hours. Please ask your club's families to reference "Helmet Liquidation" when purchasing a helmet.  This deal applies to IN-STOCK helmets only and will expire June 30, 2017.  We will be closed May 13th & 14th for Mother's Day weekend and May 20th & 21st  while we are attending End of Season tournaments in the Bay Area.
Thanks for another fantastic season!
Kristin and Kellie
Lacrosse Fanatic
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Lacrosse Equipment list and sources

Note Hockey gear is not acceptable



Boys/Men's equipment Typical price range Notes (you generally get what you pay for … higher priced equipment is often stronger, lighter and more durable)
Lacrosse sticks (shaft & head) attack      $40 - $120  
Lacrosse sticks (shaft & head) defense      $100-$200  
Lacrosse gloves       $30-$130  
Helmet       $90-$200

Folsom Cordova Colors are Red/White/Black.  Helmet should be primarily white with red visor and chin.

Mouth guard       $5 - $20 Must be "highly visible"; Clear or white not permitted
Arm pads       $20-$40  
Shoulder pads       $40-$80  
Rib pads (optional)       $25-$50  
Cleats   Football or soccer cleats; cleats can not be more than 1/2" long
Protective cup    
Lacrosse balls, each     $1.50-$2.50  
Goalie gear    
Chest protector       $40-$120  
Goalie gloves       $35-$140 Better gloves have steel protected thumb
Goalie lacrosse stick       $50-$150  
Goalie throat guard       $10-$40 Make sure the guard will fit the helmet
Goalie pants       $50-$60  
Note Hockey equipment is not acceptable    
Major brand names for Lacrosse equipment - Brine, Warrior, Stx, Shamrock, DeBeer
Helmets - Stryke, Cascade, Gait, Brine,    
Girls/women's equipment    
Lacrosse stick       $30-$100  
Goalie Lacrosse stick       $50-$150   
Goggles       $20-$60  
Gloves (optional)       $25-$35  
Goalie gloves       $60-$80  
Stores, on-line 



Lacrosse Fanatic 
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Sacramento, CA 95827

Well stocked with both men and women's gear


Further stick recommendations: 

  Girls- STX Starter kit (or just the stick)    

Boys 8U and 10U
Boys 12U and Up -